Journal Club Spring 2011

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Journal Club Spring 2011

This quarter we will be focusing on Quantum Error Correction.

Past journal club pages: Autumn 2010, Winter 2011


Organizer(1): Kamil Michnicki (

Organizer(2): Lukas Svec (

Faculty Advisor: Dave Bacon (


Thursday 12:00 in Computer Science, CSE 503.


Topic Chosen
Quantum Error Correction
Main ideas


Subject Speaker Date Reference
Stabilizer Formalism Background and Quantum Subsystem Codes Paul and Punya April 12th & 19th quant-ph/0506023quant-ph/0508131


Currently this list is limited to classic/historical texts but will be expanded soon.

5-qubit and 9-qubit code
P. Shor, ``Scheme for reducing decoherence in quantum memory 1995
A. Steane, ``Error correcting codes in quantum memory” 1996
Steane code
Steane, ``Multiple particle interference and quantum error correction, quant-ph/9601029.
Early important QECC papers
Laflamme, Miquel, Paz, Zurek; “Perfect quantum error correction code” quant-ph/9602019
Bennett, DiVincenzo, Smolin, Wooters; “Mixed State entanglement and quantum error correction” quant-ph/9604024
This paper connects QECCs and the idea of entanglement distillation (which it also introduced). It's worth reading despite its length.
Knill, Laflamme “A theory of quantum error-correcting codes” 1997 quant-ph/9604034
Stabilizer codes
Gottesman; “A class of quantum error correcting codes saturating the quantum Hamming bound” quant-ph/9604038
Gottesman, ``Stabilizer codes and quantum error correction, quant-ph/9705052.
Topological codes
Kitaev, “Fault-tolerant quantum computation by anyons” 1997 quant-ph/9707021
Fault-tolerance threshold
Ahronov and Ben-Or “Fault tolerant computation with constant error rate” quant-ph/9906129
Kitaev “Quantum Error correction with imperfect gates” 1997
Knill, Laflamme, Zurek “Resilient quantum computation” 1998 quant-ph/9702058
Decoherence free subspaces/subsystems
Lidar, Bacon, Kempe, Whaley; Theory of Decoherence-Free Fault-Tolerant Universal Quantum Computation, arXiv:quant-ph/0004064
Bacon, “Operator Quantum Error Correcting Subsystems for Self-Correcting Quantum Memories” arXiv:quant-ph/0506023 2005
Concatenated Code Hamiltonians
Bacon, “The Stability of Quantum Concatenated Code Hamiltonians” arXiv:0806.2160 2008
Subsystem codes
Bacon, "Operator Quantum Error Correcting Subsystems for Self-Correcting Quantum Memories", quant-ph/0506023
Introduced the Bacon-Shor code, among other things.
Kribs, et al. "Operator quantum error correction", quant-ph/0504189