Journal Club Autumn 2011

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Journal Club Spring 2011

This quarter we will be focusing on Quantum Error Correction.

Past journal club pages: Autumn 2010, Winter 2011


Organizer(1): Paul Pham (

Organizer(2): Lukas Svec (

Faculty Advisor: Aram Harrow (


Friday 2:00pm in Computer Science, CSE 503.


Possible Topics
  * Pro/Con: field has stabilized, stuck on solving additivity problem
  * Con: unrealistic models, not as applicable
  * Pro: Using asymptotic bounds on entropy can give classical algorithm for approximating separable states. (Brandao, Christandl, Yard)
  * Pro: connection to quantum error-correcting codes
  • Self-Correcting Quantum Memories (5 votes)
 * Pro: hot/active research area right now, possibility of making contribution, not many people working on
   * Major breakthrough by Haah
 * Pro: best way theory can help build a quantum computer
 * Pro: nice connections to statistical physics (topological order)
  • Matt Hastings / Sergei Bravyi / Alexei Kitaev (Greatest Hits, Vol. 1) (0 votes)
  * Hastings: area laws, Lieb-Robinson bounds, additivity, classical algorithms for simulating quantum systems, hamiltonian complexity, self-correcting quantum memory, topological order
  * Bravyi: stoquastic hamiltonians, topological codes, Majorana fermions, stability results for topological order
  * Kitaev: awesome
  * Possibly invite for physics colloquium
  • Oded Regev: quantum algorithms, communication complexity, lattice-based crypto (1 vote)
  • Following one particular person:
  * Pro: can jump around various topics, get good breadth
  * Con: might not ever understand anything
  • Hamiltonian Complexity (3 votes)
  * Pro: has great obscure acronyms, in the intersection of physics and CS (Lieb-Robinson, area laws, etc.), good guide / survey by Tobias Osborne (
  * Con: hard! (e.g. quantum PCP)
  • Quantum Money / Knots
  • Stephen Bartlett