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'''Wiki Page:''' [[User:Icrosson|Isaac Crosson]]
'''Wiki Page:''' [[User:Icrosson|Isaac Crosson]]
'''Faculty Advisor:''' [http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/aram/ Aram Harrow]
'''Faculty Advisor:''' [http://www.mit.edu/~aram/ Aram Harrow]

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This quarter we will be focusing on Quantum Information Theory.

Place and Time: Wednesdays at 1pm


Subject Speaker Date
Mixed State Entanglement and Quantum Error Correction Kamil 2/20


General Background

From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory - A thorough and up-to-date (2012) free textbook by Mark Wilde.

Video lectures by Thomas Cover on classical information theory.

Nielson and Chuang, Quantum Computing and Quantum Information: Part III


April 1996: Mixed State Entanglement and Quantum Error Correction - C. Bennett, D. DiVincenzo, J. Smolin, W. Wootters

Sept 2003: Secure key from bound entanglement K. Horodecki, M. Horodecki, P. Horodecki, J. Oppenheim

July 2004: Aspects of generic entanglement - P. Hayden, D. Leung, A. Winter

Dec 2005: Quantum state merging and negative information - M. Horodecki, J. Oppenheim, A. Winter

June 2006: The mother of all protocols: Restructuring quantum information's family tree - A. Abeyesinghe, I. Devetak, P. Hayden, A. Winter

March 2007: Symmetry implies independence - R. Renner

Aug 2008: The operational meaning of min- and max-entropy - R. Koenig, R. Renner, C. Schaffner

Sept 2008: Post-selection technique for quantum channels with applications to quantum cryptography - M. Christandl, R. Koenig, R. Renner

April 2009: A Generalization of Quantum Stein's Lemma - F. Brandao, M. Plenio

Dec 2009: Quantum Reverse Shannon Theorem - C. Bennett, I. Devetak, A. Harrow, P. Shor, A. Winter

March 2010: Hastings' additivity counterexample via Dvoretzky's theorem - G. Aubrun, S. Szarek, E. Werner

March 2010: Weak Decoupling Duality and Quantum Identification - P. Hayden, A. Winter

Oct 2010: From Low-Distortion Norm Embeddings to Explicit Uncertainty Relations and Efficient Information Locking - O. Fawzi, P. Hayden, P. Sen


Organizer: Kamil Michnicki

Wiki Page: Isaac Crosson

Faculty Advisor: Aram Harrow