Meeting notes 11 05 18

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Bacon bits

Did you know D-Wave has a new paper?

Adiabatic quantum computing with stoquastic Hamiltonians

Let <math>H(s) = (1-s)H_0 + s H_1</math>. Start in the ground state of H0, i.e. s=0, and slowly increase s until it equals 1.

Question: how powerful is this if H_0 and H_1 are stoquastic? Stoquastic means the off-diagonal elements are nonpositive. This means that quantum Monte Carlo doesn't suffer from a sign problem. But does it mean that adiabatic evolution can be classically simulated? D-Wave hopes the answer is no.

Spin networks

Can you signal using SU(2) spin networks? If so, does it violate Bell inequalities? See Penrose's writings on the subject.