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Updated November 6, 2009

Superconducting qubits

  • 7,613,765 Bus architecture for quantum processing (D-Wave)
  • 7,613,764 Methods for quantum processing (D-Wave)
  • 7,605,600 Systems, methods and apparatus for anti-symmetric qubit-coupling (D-Wave)
  • 7,541,198 Method of forming quantum-mechanical memory and computational devices (IMEC/Leuven)
  • 7,533,068 Analog processor comprising quantum devices (D-Wave)
  • 7,498,832 Arbitrary quantum operations with a common coupled resonator (Northrop Grumman)

Topological Quantum Computing / FQHE

  • 7,598,514 Quasi-particle interferometry for logical gates (Microsoft)
  • 7,579,699 Systems and methods for performing quantum computations (Microsoft)
  • 7,566,896 Lattice platforms for performing quantum computations (Microsoft)
  • 7,525,202 Quantum computational systems (Microsoft)
  • 7,518,138 Systems and methods for quantum braiding (Microsoft)

Quantum Networking

  • 7,596,318 Addressing method of quanta network and quanta network router (University of Science and Technology of China)

Linear Optics qubits

  • 7,590,607 Non-unitary probabilistic quantum computing circuit and method (JPL)
  • 7,583,438 Quantum circuit and quantum computer (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
  • 7,546,004 Photonic interconnect system (HP)

Diamond Centers

  • 7,546,000 Scalable and defect-tolerant color-center-based quantum computer architectures and methods for fabricating color-center-based quantum computer architectures (HP)

Universal Quantum Computing

  • 7,529,717 Universal quantum computing (MagiQ Technologies, Inc)

Quantum dots

  • 7,529,437 Scalable and defect-tolerant quantum-dot-based quantum computer architectures and methods for fabricating quantum dots in quantum computer architectures (HP)

Spin Wave Quantum Computing

  • 7,528,456 Nano-scale computational architectures with spin wave bus (UC)

Ion Trap Qubit

  • 7,518,120 Long-distance quantum communication and scalable quantum computation (University of Michigan)

51 7,492,901 Full-Text Single-photon generator and single-photon generating method 52 7,492,494 Full-Text Quantum computer and quantum computing method 54 7,489,436 Full-Text Hybrid integrated source of polarization-entangled photons 56 7,487,151 Full-Text Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program for implementing information processing method, information processing system, and method for information processing system 57 7,486,433 Full-Text High-luminance quantum correlation photon beam generator 60 7,479,652 Full-Text Qubit readout via controlled coherent tunnelling to probe state 61 7,475,825 Full-Text Data distribution method 62 7,474,010 Full-Text Systems and methods for performing quantum computations 63 7,466,725 Full-Text Quantum computer apparatus 64 7,465,595 Full-Text Quantum device, manufacturing method of the same and controlling method of the same 65 7,462,859 Full-Text Quantum well design for a coherent, single-photon detector with spin resonant transistor 68 7,459,673 Full-Text Atomic device 72 7,453,162 Full-Text Systems and methods for performing quantum computations 73 7,452,048 Full-Text Method of reading a two-dimensional code carrying image processing instructions 74 7,451,292 Full-Text Methods for transmitting data across quantum interfaces and quantum gates using same 75 7,447,719 Full-Text Quantum computing method and quantum computer 76 7,443,720 Full-Text Method and circuit for reading quantum state 78 7,437,533 Full-Text Quantum information processing device and method 80 7,427,771 Full-Text Universal gates for ising TQFT via time-tilted interferometry 81 7,427,525 Full-Text Methods for coupling diamond structures to photonic devices 82 7,423,427 Full-Text Arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences 83 7,418,283 Full-Text Adiabatic quantum computation with superconducting qubits 84 7,415,114 Full-Text Quantum key system and method 86 7,411,187 Full-Text Ion trap in a semiconductor chip 88 7,400,282 Full-Text Quantum turing machine 89 7,399,043 Full-Text Compensation for uneven printhead module lengths in a multi-module printhead 90 7,398,507 Full-Text Method of automatic synthesis of sequential quantum Boolean circuits 91 7,394,092 Full-Text Quasi-particle interferometry for logical gates 92 7,391,435 Full-Text Monolithic integrated circuit with a printhead interface 93 7,385,262 Full-Text Band-structure modulation of nano-structures in an electric field 94 7,383,235 Full-Text Method and hardware architecture for controlling a process or for processing data based on quantum soft computing 97 7,376,547 Full-Text Systems and methods that facilitate quantum computer simulation 99 7,373,059 Full-Text Compact, single chip-based, entangled polarization-state photon sources and methods for generating photons in entangled polarization states