Group Meeting Spring 2012

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Speaker Topic Date Time Location
Kamil Adiabatic Cluster State Quantum Computing March 23 3:30pm CSE 503
March 30 3:00pm CSE 503
David April 6 3:00PM CSE 503
April 13 3:00pm CSE 624
April 20 3:00pm CSE 624
April 27 3:00pm CSE 624
May 4 3:00pm CSE 624
May 11 3:00pm CSE 624
May 18 3:00pm CSE 624
May 25 3:00pm CSE 624
June 1 3:00pm CSE 624


Adiabatic Cluster State Quantum Computing

March 23rd - Kamil
I'll be going over some of the background behind this paper which includes, the stabilizer formalism and cluster states, and given time, measurement based QC and adiabatic evolution.
Click here for a set of exercises related to stabilizer codes.